What is the Neurological Integration System (NIS)?

The Neurological Integration System (NIS) developed by Neurolink® is a ground-breaking approach to healthcare used in practices and clinics around the globe. All the principles behind this system of treatment are based on neuroscience.

After studying and practicing chiropractic for several years, Dr. Edman became deeply interested in helping to resolve more complex health issues that her clients were experiencing that weren't resolving with the other treatments being provided.

The NIS system is a gentle detection and correction system which utilises muscle testing to ensure that the brain is fully controlling all the major systems in the body (including immune, digestive, hormonal, musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and nervous systems) as well as cell to cell communication. The NIS system acknowledges that the brain is the ultimate 'healer' in the body.

Toxins, infections, stress, accidents and injuries can all interfere with full neurological control of the brain with the rest of the body. The NIS system is tailored for the individual by assessing each person's unique tolerance levels and linking the brain back to its original function of controlling all major functions and systems in the body through its neurological 'circuitry'.

Dr. Edman has found the NIS system to be an invaluable tool to help optimise her clients overall health and well being.